SALLE DE CONFERENCE 4 - Salon des Loges Sud

16h00 16h40

Is “cloud native” the new DevOps?

Méthodologie / Agilité / Conduite du changement

Benjamin Brial (Cycloid) et Chamseddine Saadoune (Cycloid)

Cloud native here, cloud native there. For some time now, this term has imposed itself on the conversation. But what does this approach really offer? Is it really that revolutionary in the age of cloud and DevOps?
In this 40-minute talk, Benjamin Brial will demystify this hot, new talking point and show you how you too can benefit from “cloud native”, starting today.
The objective of this talk is to address the subject of Cloud-native in relation to DevOps. A bit of technique, with the explanations of “cloud-native applications” in containerized environments (microservices), and the use of the Cloud to further increase the value proposition. Paradigm shift with more security and what we can now call “DevSecOps” .