SALLE DE CONFERENCE 4 - Salon des Loges Sud

16h45 17h25

Freedom Means That Kubernetes Needs To Disappear


Viktor Farcic (Upbound)

We are all moving towards service-based operations and self-sufficient teams. We are all trying to enable developers to be more autonomous. However, it is unrealistic to expect everyone to become an expert on everything, from infrastructure to Kubernetes and everything in between. So, we cannot shift left due to lack of expertise, but we also cannot continue being reactive to the needs of others. The only option left is to simplify services or even remove direct access to infrastructure and Kubernetes.

We might be able to accomplish those goals through Argo CD or Flux (GitOps), Crossplane (universal control plane), and KubeVela (OAM). By combining those, we can enable developers to manage everything yet still be in complete control of the aspects they care about. GitOps allows us to establish Git as the only point of interaction with the system. Crossplane Composites enable us to simplify developer experience when managing infrastructure. Finally, the Open Application Model (OAM) with KubeVela allows us to define applications instead of Kubernetes resources. If we combine those three types of tools and processes, we can enable operations to define the services used by developers to manage infrastructure and applications. We can do all that without anyone even knowing that there is Kubernetes behind all that.

For everyone to use Kubernetes, it needs to disappear.